Blaze King Wood Stove: A Comprehensive Guide by a Hearth Specialist

When it comes to heating your home, the choice of a wood stove is both a practical and aesthetic decision. Among the myriad of options available in the market, the Blaze King Wood Stove stands out as a popular choice for many homeowners. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the features, benefits, and considerations of the Blaze King Wood Stove, ensuring you make an informed decision for your hearth.

What is the Blaze King Wood Stove?

The Blaze King Wood Stove is a high-efficiency wood-burning stove known for its long burn times, superior heat output, and environmentally friendly design. With a range of models available, Blaze King caters to different home sizes and heating needs.

Blaze King has long been recognized in the wood stove industry for its commitment to quality and performance. The King model, with its touted 81% efficiency, is a testament to this dedication. Let’s delve into what makes the King stand out in the crowded marketplace of wood stoves.

How good is a Blaze King Wood Stove?

With an efficiency rating of 81%, the King is heralded as the most efficient wood stove in the world. This is a significant achievement, as higher efficiency translates to more heat being delivered to your home rather than being lost. For homeowners, this means a noticeable reduction in heating costs, as you’re extracting the maximum heat from every piece of wood.

How long can a Blaze King wood stove burn?

The Blaze King’s “King” model is renowned for its extended burn times. Depending on the settings and conditions, the King can achieve the following burn durations:

  • On a low setting, the King can sustain a burn for over 40 hours.
  • When set to produce a higher amount of heat, it can continuously burn for 12 to 16 hours. The exact duration can vary based on factors like installation specifics and the type of wood used.

Additionally, a notable feature of the King model is its firebox design. The distance from the door opening to the bottom of the firebox is 9 inches, which is a design aspect that contributes to its efficient burning capabilities.

Primary models of Blaze King Wood Stoves

Here’s a brief overview of some of the primary models of Blaze King Wood Stoves:

  • Princess:
    • Description: The Princess is a medium-sized stove and is known for its efficiency and extended burn times. It’s a popular choice for those who want a balance between size and performance.
    • Key Features: High efficiency, long burn times, suitable for medium-sized spaces.

  • King:
    • Description: As the name suggests, the King is larger than the Princess and is designed to heat bigger spaces. It boasts one of the longest burn times in the industry.
    • Key Features: Large firebox, extended burn times, high efficiency, suitable for larger spaces.

  • Chinook:
    • Description: The Chinook has a modern design with clean lines, making it suitable for contemporary homes. It offers a blend of aesthetics and performance.
    • Key Features: Modern design, efficient burning, suitable for contemporary interiors.
  • Sirocco:
    • Description: The Sirocco strikes a balance between traditional and modern designs. It’s versatile in terms of aesthetics and offers reliable performance.
    • Key Features: Blend of traditional and modern design, high efficiency, long burn times.

  • Ashford:
    • Description: The Ashford has a traditional design with ornate detailing, making it a perfect fit for classic homes or spaces that favor a vintage aesthetic.
    • Key Features: Traditional design, efficient burning, ornate detailing.


Table comparing Blaze King Wood Stove models by main features and price

ModelDescriptionTechnical SpecificationsApproximate Price (as of 2022)
PrincessMedium-sized stove, popular for its efficiency and long burn times.– BTU Output: 40,000/hr
– Efficiency: 82.5%
– Burn Time: Up to 20 hours
$2,500 – $3,500
KingLarger than the Princess, designed for bigger spaces.– BTU Output: 40,000 – 32,000/hr
– Efficiency: 82.6%
– Burn Time: Up to 40 hours
$3,000 – $4,000
ChinookModern design with clean lines, suitable for contemporary homes.– BTU Output: 30,000/hr
– Efficiency: 76%
– Burn Time: Up to 20 hours
$2,700 – $3,700
SiroccoOffers a balance between traditional and modern designs.– BTU Output: 30,000/hr
– Efficiency: 76.3%
– Burn Time: Up to 20 hours
$2,500 – $3,500
AshfordTraditional design with ornate detailing, suitable for classic homes.– BTU Output: 30,000/hr
– Efficiency: 75.8%
– Burn Time: Up to 20 hours
$2,800 – $3,800

Where to buy Blaze King Wood Stoves?

To purchase a Blaze King Wood Stove, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Official Website: Start by visiting the official Blaze King website. They often have a “Dealer Locator” or “Find a Dealer” feature that allows you to input your location and find the nearest authorized dealers.
  2. Authorized Dealers: Blaze King stoves are typically sold through a network of authorized dealers. These dealers not only sell the stoves but can also provide installation services, maintenance, and support.
  3. Contact Blaze King Directly: If you’re having difficulty finding a dealer near you, consider reaching out to Blaze King directly through their contact information provided on their website. They can guide you to the nearest or most suitable dealer.
  4. Online Retailers: Some online platforms or specialty retailers might carry Blaze King products. However, it’s essential to ensure that you’re purchasing from a reputable source to guarantee the authenticity of the product and to avail of any warranties or after-sales support.
  5. Local Home Improvement or Stove Stores: Some local stores specializing in home heating or stove products might carry Blaze King stoves or can order them for you.

Remember, when purchasing a wood stove, it’s crucial to consider installation and safety requirements. It’s often recommended to have the stove installed by professionals to ensure it meets all safety standards and operates efficiently.

What to buy with Blaze King Wood Stove?

When purchasing a Blaze King Wood Stove, there are several accompanying products that you might consider for installation, safety, and maintenance. Here’s a list of such items, along with approximate prices as of my last update in January 2022. Please note that prices can vary, and it’s always a good idea to check current prices on Amazon or other retailers:

  1. Chimney Pipe Kit:
    • Description: Essential for safely venting smoke and gases from the wood stove.
    • Approximate Price: $200 – $500
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, various kits are available, but ensure it’s suitable for your specific installation.
  2. Heat-Resistant Gloves:
    • Description: Useful for safely loading wood and handling hot surfaces.
    • Approximate Price: $20 – $50
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, there are many brands and types available.
  3. Stove Thermometer:
    • Description: Helps monitor the stove’s temperature to ensure efficient burning.
    • Approximate Price: $10 – $30
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, various models are available.
  4. Fire Starters:
    • Description: Assists in quickly and safely starting fires.
    • Approximate Price: $10 – $25 for a pack
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, many brands and types are available.
  5. Ash Vacuum:
    • Description: Designed to safely clean ash from wood stoves.
    • Approximate Price: $50 – $150
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, various brands and models are available.
  6. Fireproof Mat or Hearth Pad:
    • Description: Protects the floor underneath the stove from sparks or embers.
    • Approximate Price: $50 – $300, depending on size and material.
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, various sizes and designs are available.
  7. Firewood Rack or Holder:
    • Description: Organizes and stores firewood near the stove.
    • Approximate Price: $30 – $150
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, many designs and sizes are available.
  8. Creosote Remover:
    • Description: Helps in reducing creosote buildup in the chimney, enhancing safety.
    • Approximate Price: $10 – $25
    • Available on Amazon?: Yes, various brands are available.

Remember, while Amazon is a convenient platform for purchasing many of these items, it’s essential to read product reviews, ensure compatibility with your specific stove model, and consider the advice of professionals during installation and maintenance.

Pros of the Blaze King Wood Stove

  1. Efficiency: One of the primary advantages of the Blaze King Wood Stove is its efficiency. These stoves are designed to maximize the heat output from the wood, ensuring that you get the most warmth for the least amount of fuel.
  2. Extended Burn Times: Blaze King boasts some of the longest burn times in the industry. Some models can provide heat for up to 40 hours on a single load of wood, making it a convenient choice for those who don’t want to reload frequently.
  3. Eco-friendly: Blaze King stoves are designed to reduce emissions, making them one of the cleanest burning wood stoves on the market. This not only benefits the environment but also ensures a cleaner burn, reducing the buildup of creosote in your chimney.
  4. Thermostatic Control: Many Blaze King models come with a built-in thermostat, allowing you to set and maintain a desired room temperature. This feature ensures consistent heating and reduces the need for constant adjustments.
  5. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, Blaze King stoves are built to last. Their robust construction ensures longevity and consistent performance over the years.

Cons of the Blaze King Wood Stove

  1. Initial Cost: High-quality and efficiency come at a price. The initial investment for a Blaze King Wood Stove can be higher than some other brands. However, the long-term savings in fuel and maintenance often offset this cost.
  2. Weight: Due to their robust construction, these stoves can be quite heavy. This might pose a challenge during installation, especially in homes with limited access.
  3. Availability of Parts: While Blaze King is a reputable brand, in some regions, it might be challenging to find replacement parts or specialized maintenance services.

Tips on Using Your Blaze King Wood Stove

  1. Use Dry Wood: For optimal performance and reduced creosote buildup, always use well-seasoned, dry wood. This ensures a cleaner burn and maximizes heat output.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Clean your stove and chimney regularly. This not only ensures safety but also maintains the efficiency of your stove.
  3. Optimal Loading: To achieve the longest burn times, load the wood in a front-to-back manner rather than side-to-side.
  4. Safety First: Always use a screen or door when the stove is in operation. Keep flammable materials away from the stove and ensure there’s adequate ventilation in the room.
  5. Consult the Manual: Each Blaze King model might have specific operating instructions. Always refer to the user manual for best practices.


The Blaze King Wood Stove is a top-tier choice for those seeking efficiency, longevity, and eco-friendly heating solutions. While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of fuel savings, extended burn times, and reduced emissions make it a worthy addition to any home. By following the provided tips and understanding the pros and cons, you can ensure a warm, cozy, and safe environment for your family. Remember, when it comes to heating, quality matters, and the Blaze King Wood Stove is a testament to that.

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